4-Foot 4 Lamp 32W T8 Fluorescent High Bay, Enhanced Specular Reflector (95%), Instant Start Ballast

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4-Foot 4 Lamp 32W T8 High Bay Fluorescent, Enhanced Specular (95%)
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HFB3 high bay fluorescent, enhanced specular (95%), 4 lamps 32W T8, high ballast factor instant start ballast, high efficiency, multi-volt, no FIO's, no cord, individual carton.

Howard Lighting HFB3 series high-bay fluorescent fixture is a great energy saving alternative to traditional HID highbay fixtures. This fixture operates three or four lamps and as standard feature comes equipped with Howard ballasts.


  • Easy access to wiring compartment & ballast
  • Access plate provides access to electrical wiring with-out the need to open the fixture
  • Knock-outs for easy electrical wiring and assembly
  • Factory installed Occupancy Sensor option
  • Factory instaled Emergency ballast option
  • Factory installed Wrap Lens option
  • Lamp installation option available
  • Multiple power cord set options, (voltage, length, gage)
  • Pendant mount kit provides a top J-box to simplify HID retrofit installations. Can be used with a hook or rigid conduit and fasteners (Fixture must be specified with “J” option)
  • Choice of 86% Standard Specular Aluminum Reflector, 95% Specular Enhanced Aluminum Reflector or 91% White Reflector
  • Heavy Duty pre-painted steel construction
  • Wireguard available (not factory installed)
  • Custom configurations available
  • Can be easily mounted by a single person
  • Suspended or Pendant mounting insures a quick painless install
  • Chain and V-Clip Hanging option
  • Wire cable hanging option.
  • UL Listed for Damp Locations


  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Facility
  • Gymnasium
  • Cafeteria
  • Auditorium


  • Energy Saving Compared to HID systems
  • Exceptional Color Rendering
  • High System Efficacy
  • Long Lamp Life
  • Instant On/Re-strike Capability
  • Howard Ballast and Howard Lamp as a system is covered by Howard Industries Warranty
  • Quality Lamp holders
  • Computer Designed Reflectors
  • System Tested, Designed, Approved, and Manufactured by Howard Industries in Mendenhall Mississippi.
  • Compliant with Safety and performance standards.
Weight 13.00 LBS
Light Source T8 Fluorescent
Fixture Size 4' Linear




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