4 Lamp F32T8 Electronic Ballast - EP4/32PPRS/MV/SC/HE

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Howard Lighting Products EP4/32PPRS/MV/SC/HE 4 Lamp F32T8 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast 32Watt Program Rapid Start T8 Multi Volt High Efficiency

Howard Lighting EP4/32PPRS/MV/SC/HE 4 Lamp F32T8 Electronic Ballast

  • UL Listed
  • Operates on 120-277V AC Circuits
  • Sound class rated A
  • 0�F minimum lamp starting temperature for primary lamp
  • Primary Lamp Bulb F32T8

Ballast Specifications

  • Ballast shall have a five-year warranty
  • Ballast shall be UL certified
  • Ballast shall be sound rated Class A
  • Ballast shall be Class P Type 1 Outdoor
  • Ballast shall have a Lamp Current Crest Factor of <1.7
  • Ballast shall meet ANSI Standards C62.41 Cat. A
  • Ballast shall comply with the limits of FCC Part 18 Class A Non-Consumer
  • Ballast shall have a lamp operating frequency greater than 40kHz
  • Ballast shall have a 0oF minimum lamp starting temperature for primary lamp
  • Ballast shall be Program Rapid Start
  • Ballast shall be Parallel Lamp Operation
  • Ballast shall have minimum Power Factor of 98% for primary Lamp operation
  • Ballast shall operate within +/- 10% of the ballast specified line voltage at 60 Hz
  • Ballast shall have a maximum case hot spot temperature of 75 Celsius
Weight 1.50 LBS
Manufacturer NO
Ballast Technology NO
Ballast Type NO
Lamp Count NO
Lamp Type NO
Lamp Wattage NO
Line Voltage NO
Starting Type NO
Ballast Factor NO



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