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6" Air Tight Aperture Recessed Housing, 120V/277V HPF Electronic Ballast for (1)18W 4 pin DTT/TTT


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Quick Overview

IC/AIR-TIGHT 6" Aperture Housing For 13W, 18W or 26W Compact Fluorescent, For Use In Direct Contact with Ceiling Insulation

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The FEH-V6ICA is designed for insulated ceilings and can be in direct contact with insulation material. The AIR-TIGHT housing design prevents airflow through the ceiling, helping save on heating and cooling costs. The FEH-V6ICA offers a wide choice of trim types including reflector, lensed and wall wash trims and is warrantied for 2 years.


Model Number Description
LT-FT-65C 6" Clear Specular Reflector
LT-FT-6521C 6" Lexan Shower Fresnel Lens with Clear Reflector
LT-FT-6521CW 6" White Lexan Shower Fresnel Lens with Clear Reflector
LT-FT-653C 6" Clear Specular Reflector
LT-FT-624W 6" Lexan Shower Drop Opal Lens
LT-FT-614CW 6" Clear Reflector with White Baffle
LT-FT-625W 6" Lexan Shower Albalite Lens
LT-FT-6525C 6" Lexan Shower Albalite Lens with Clear Reflector
LT-FT-6211W 6" Full Baffle with Torsion Springs
LT-FT-623W 6" White Baffle with Regressed Fresnel Lens
LT-FT-640C 6" Clear Reflector with Flat Frosted Drop Lens Supported by 3 Posts
LT-FT-622C 6" Clear Reflector with Regressed Fresnel Lens
LT-FT-6522CC 6" Clear Reflector with Frosted Convex Lens in Clear Reflector Collar



  • Single wall aluminum housing.
  • 7-9/16" height allows use in 2" X 8" joist construction.
  • Housing adjusts for ceilings up to 1-1/4" thick.
  • Gasket included in J-box.


  • Listed for through branch circuit wiring.(Max.8 No 12 AWG 90°C branch circuit conductors. (4 in, 4 out)
  • (5)1/2" knockouts with true pry-out slots and (4) knockouts with Romex cable clamp.
  • Ground wire provided on J-box.


  • 24" Bar Hangers provide stability and support on joists and T-Bar Gril ceilings.
  • Housing can be positioned at any point within 24" joist span.
  • Score lines allow "toolless" shortening for 12" joists. Bar hangers may be repositioned 90 degrees.
  • Integral T-bar clips snaps onto T-bars and no additional clips are required.

Pre-installed nail bars with vertical slots are used to evenly align the bars horizontally after nailing halfway into wood joists.


  • G24Q/Gx24Q base socket for use 4 pin DTT or TTT lamps.
  • (2) legs spring clip snaps into socket hole on the top of all of type "-S" trims.

All trims with various shapes baffle collar, shower lens and reflector finishes in clear, gold, pewter, champagne.


  • Compact Fluorescent lamps.
  • Generic 13W, 18W, 26W lamp designations.
  • DTT-Double twin tube (QUAD/CFQ)
  • CFQ 13W / G24Q / 830
  • CFQ 18W / G24Q / 830
  • CFQ 26W / G24Q / 830
  • TTT-Triple twin tube (CFTR)
  • CFTR 18W / GX24Q / 830
  • CFTR 26W / GX24Q / 830
  • Recommend lamp, 10,000 hour rated average life.
  • Color temperature (warm to cool) options offer 2700K warm or 3000K medium-warm incandescent-like light.

Thermally protected, fused, 120volt HPF or NPF electronic ballast provides full light output and rated lamp life. Provides flicker free and noise free operation and starting. End of lamp life protection is standard. Meets FCC EMT/RFI Consumer Level limits.


  • UL, c-UL listed for damp location.
  • UL, c-UL listed for feed through.
  • UL, c-UL listed for direct contact with insulation material.
  • Air-tight, performance tested under ASTM E283


  • Three "Quick Connectors"
  • Pre-installed push-in wire connectors for fast and easy wiring.


  • State of California title 24.
  • Washington state energy code.
  • New Tork state energy conservation construction code.
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Certified AIR-TIGHT under ASTM E283
Weight 10.0000
Housing Type New Construction
Insulation Rating Insulation Contact (IC)
Ballast and Voltage Electronic, 120/277V
Lamp Count 1
Light Source Compact Fluorescent
Lamp Position Vertical
Listings and Ratings UL Listed


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