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8-Foot Fluorescent Strip Channel Retrofit Kit, 2 Lamps 32W T8

SKU: HL-FSR84232ASEMV000000I

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SKU: HL-FSR84232ASEMV000000I

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Quick Overview

Howard Lighting FSR84232ASEMV000000I Fluorescent Retrofit Strip, 8-foot, 4.25 Wide, 2 Lamp 32W T8 (2 4` Retrofit Covers, Instant Start Standard Ballast Factor, High Effecency, Multi-Volt, No FIO`s, w/o Power Cord,Individual Carton.

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FSR8 series fluorescent strip channel retrofit kit is a simple and cost-effective solution to upgrading existing 8’ strip fixtures into newer and more efficient electronic T8 or T5 strips.


  • Improved Light
  • Energy Savings
  • Utility Rebates
  • Improved reliability



  • Designed for trouble free installation.
  • Uses two (2) 4’ gear trays that install independently for easy installation.
  • Lampholder cutouts guarantee correct lampholder spacing and that lampholder will not fall out during install.
  • Optional reflectors available
  • Code gauge steel
  • High gloss, baked enamel finish
  • High quality lamp holders
  • NEC compliant luminaire power disconnect standard
  • Contents: 2 geartrays with fully wired ballast and
  • lampholders; 12 tek screws; 4 geartray tethers


  • Electronic, Inherent Thermal Protection, Class P, Sound rated A
  • UL Listed

System Tested, Designed, Approved, and Manufactured in Mendenhall, Mississippi.

Weight 6.5000
Fixture Size Other
Ballast and Voltage No
Listings and Ratings No
Housing No
Light Source No
Lamp Count 2
Lens No
Mounting No
Reflector No
Resources No
Socket No
Application No


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