Sales Affiliate Program

Welcome to our sales affiliate program! We have created this program as an easy way to work with other industry-leading individuals and organizations that cater to the same markets we do or who sell complementary product lines. Contractors can earn a commission for products they recommend to their cients or colleagues.  Or, if you are a sales professional that calls on commercial or industrial accounts, and you would like to increase engagement with your customers by providing lighting services or selling lighting products, this is the program for you. We encourage both online and offline sales affiliates to register and start earning sales commission immediately.

How Does It Work?

Register for our free affiliate program to get started. If approved, you will have access to online tools, media and training that help you drive traffic and generate sales of our products. Our system tracks all of the visitors you refer and when a sale is made, you earn a commission. You can also earn a commission for offline product and project sales as long as these are registered in our CRM system.

Training, Tools and Support

We value our sales affiliates and will do everything to ensure your success.

  • We hold regular training seminars that go over everything you need to know to start closing sales. 
  • We provide the tools you'll need to generate winning proposals.
  • We stand beside you and provide the best support in the industry.