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Since 1989, DuraGuard has been an OEM manufacturer of top quality commercial and industrial lighting fixtures and other electrical products. One factor that makes DuraGuard stand out from the rest of the industry is their great flexibility which allows you to receive a product that is made for your specific need. Since they have in house fabrication and five factory locations spread out strategically across the nation with a large inventory in each of them, you can be sure that they will always make you their priority.

DuraGuard offers the most modern fixtures in the industry with the latest LED technology. Whether you choose a more traditional fixture or a more modern one, DuraGuard will provide you with the most efficient, energy saving selections. DuraGuard offers customization on everything from wattage to special colors to serve your needs. Since DuraGuard has expert-level attention to detail, they coat every product with a chromate conversion coating to protect against premature weathering.

The DuraGuard Large LED Astra Wall Pack is designed to replace HID lighting systems with up to date and efficient LED technology. This fixture is available in 56 or 80 system watts with a 6508 and 8212 lumen output and a 4100K color temperature. This product is perfect for lighting industrial parks, retail centers, schools and universities, or airports. The DuraGuard Astra LED Dusk-to-Dawn Utility Light and Mounting Arm is ideal for lighting office buildings, medical facilities, or retail centers. This fixture is available in 42 system watt with a 3900 lumen output and a 4100K color temperature. The DuraGuard Astra Low Profile LED HighBay is available with a choice of five lenses designed to replace HID lighting systems. Applications for this fixture include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or gymnasiums and indoor sports facilities. All of these products come with a five year warranty and can be suitable for mounting heights ranging from 10-30 feet based on light level and uniformity requirements.

With local representatives and a professional sales team, DuraGuard has all its bases covered to make sure your experience is the best. The amiable and passionate atmosphere will be the icing on the cake to your great product.

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