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eLucent Full Cut-Off LED Wall Pack, 28W-92W


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Quick Overview

eLucent full cut-off LED wall pack, 28-92 watts, 3,700-11,430 lumens, available in 4000K or 5000K color temperature (CCT), bronze color, die cast aluminum housing, clear glass lens type, 10 years limited warranty.

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The ATG eLucent WPFC presents top-of-class optical performance in a robust, space-efficient housing. The luminaire is tuned for high visual quality at night and is ideal for illumination of stairways, tunnels, building perimeters, overpasses, and parking garages. eLucent WPFC fixtures are rated for use in wet locations and can operate in ambient temperatures from -40º to 40ºC.


Part NO. Wattage Efficacy Lumens CRI CCT L70(hrs) Dimensions(LxH)
WPFC-28-50-G2 28W 125 3500 80+ 5000K 63,000 14.25" x 11.54" 9.06"
WPFC-40-50-G2 40W 120 4800 80+ 5000K 81,000 14.25" x 11.54" 9.06"
WPFC-60-50-G2 60W 120 7200 80+ 5000K 81,000 18.31" x 13.78" 9.13"
WPFC-90-50-G2 92W 125 11250 80+ 5000K 81,000 18.31" x 13.78" 9.13"


The eLucent WPFC Wall Packs offer superior optical performance in their segment. CRI is 80+ across standard offerings of CCT 4000K and 5000K, and the clear glass lens is carefully fitted for consistency and accurate transmittance of light output. Distribution is tuned for safety and visual comfort. 3000K and 3500K models are available for direct factory order.

Input voltage is a standard 120-277V, with optional 347-480V drivers. Fixture lifespan is rated for 69,000 hours. Luminous efficacy is 118 Lm/W or greater with fixture lifespan rated for 81,000 hours. 40W, 60W, and 90W models are standard, with a 28W available for direct factory order.

Convenient, modular design means the eLucent wall pack may be mounted to nearly any vertical surface. Recommended mounting height is between 8' and 20'.

eLucent WPFC housing is manufactured within precise tolerances from heavy-wall, die-cast aluminum. Integrated heat management promotes operating efficiency as well as longevity of components. The eLucent WPFC is tested for use in wet locations.

The die-cast aluminum housing is shielded with polyester powder paint in an attractive bronze burnish. The coating has been chosen for its toxin-free composition and superior resistance to external wear.

Weight 16.0000
Light Source LED
Total Input Watts 28W, 41W, 61W, or 92W
Fixture Size Other
Lumen Output 3,500-11,250
L70 Expected Life (hours) -
Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER) -
Color Temperature (CCT) 5000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80
Driver Type 120-277V


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