Falkor Lighting LED 360 Wall Pack Double Bar, 60W or 80W

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Falkor lighting LED 360 wall pack double bar, 60 or 80 watts, 7,980-10,640 lumens, available in 5000K color temperature (CCT), IP65 internal driver, 0-10v dimming available, green and eco-friendly with no mercury long-life LEDs lasting up to 50,000 hours DLC and UL wet location listed.

The Falkor Lighting 360 Wall Pack is a full 360 degree cut off and is designed and engineered as maintenance-free, energy-efficient alternatives to traditional fluorescent, high/low-pressure sodium, metal halide, induction and other types of lighting fixtures. All Full-Cutoff 360-degree LED Wall Packs are available in 4000-5000K to maximize brightness.


  • UL cUL certificate
  • IP65 Internal driver
  • Type III Lens
  • Input voltage 100-277VAC
  • Easy turnkey installation and operation Instant start, No humming
  • Green and eco-friendly with no mercury Long-life LEDs lasting up to 50,000 hours DLC and UL wet location listed

Outdoor Full-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaries, Entrance, Courtyard, Industrial, Outdoor Landscaping, Building, Hotel, and any Wall Lighting areas and/or environments

Wall Packs comes with universal voltage (120-277V) equipped with a 0-10V dimming capable premium driver. It can operate in temperatures -4˚F to 113˚F. Surge immunity 4kV

Weight 7.00 LBS
Light Source LED
Fixture Size Other
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 73
Driver Type 120-277V
Lumen Output 7,980-10,640lm
Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER) 133lm/w
L70 Expected Life (hours) 50,000hrs
Total Input Watts 60


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