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  • What Construction Contractors Need to Know About the CARES Act

    President Donald J. Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the CARES Act) into law on Friday, March 27th, 2020.  This massive $2 Trillion aid package is intended to speed relief to the economy for the damages brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  There are many excellent summaries available online that go into much more detail than what we'll be covering here but we want to focus on how this stimulus package can help America's construction industry and our many contractor customers. Continue reading

  • Parking Garage Lighting Considerations

    A properly lit parking garage is not only a standard associated with user convenience, but also safety. How a parking garage is lit is one of the most important, yet underrated, aspects of effective construction. As a builder, general contractor or electrician, you must consider your parking garage lighting and ensure its properly lit by day, by night, and by area.  Contractors should carefully adhere to the following illumination standards for covered and underground parking garages so as to minimize liability and guarantee visibility.

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  • Ideal Color Temperature for Office and Industrial Spaces

    Color temperature plays an important role in how we perceive our environment as well as promoting productivity, and keeping the human body’s circadian rhythm balanced.  If you're contracted to light a commercial or industrial area, it’s crucial to know what color temp to pick for the light fixtures selected for each environment. Continue reading

  • Must-Have Light Fixtures for School Campuses

    School campuses require lighting solutions that are conducive to productivity and safety. The location or intended activity drives the types of fixtures needed. These fixtures also have to have a long life and offer trouble-free utility for years to come. Continue reading

  • Hospital Lighting Solutions: What is Circadian Lighting?

    When most people think of lighting systems, they think of visual amplification or soft lighting for comfort, but science has discovered that lights play a big role in the synchronization of the human circadian rhythm. The comprehension of this link between light and circadian health has birthed a trend called circadian lighting.

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  • Landscape Lighting for Yards & Gardens

    When it comes to the great outdoors, just any ordinary lighting will not do the trick. Landscape lighting is usually low-voltage and specially designed to illuminate lawns, gardens, and pathways. Oftentimes, it’s also designed to be discrete and easily tucked into shrubs or rock formations. The exception to this is flood lights, which act more as a security measure and are designed to brightly illuminate a vaster expanse of land in an otherwise pitch dark location.

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  • Quick-Install LED Commercial Recessed Can Retrofits

    These easy-to-install LED Commercial Recessed Can Retrofits are the most efficient and affordable retrofits you can put in your commercial space. The compact size of these powerful fixtures makes them extremely valuable in the architectural market. LED retrofits save up to 40% of the energy consumed by traditional fluorescent recessed fixtures and create much less heat which further reduces your cooling costs. Continue reading

  • Save Time with Ultra-Thin Recessed Lights

    The same technology that drives LED flat panels is now being used to bring new options to the recessed can product lines. These ultra-thin LED recessed lights can be used to light everything from attics to basements as well as office spaces and corridors.  Their thin design lets them fit in even the tightest spaces and they can be installed from below, saving countless man hours and having to crawl around in attics. Continue reading

  • Quick-Ship LED Linear Lighting

    Many of our customers find us when looking for LED linear lighting fixtures. These fixtures are very popular with designers but have notoriously long lead times and are typically very expensive. Designers love them because they give a very clean and modern aesthetic for commercial spaces, dental and medical offices or any space with an open ceiling plan. What many of these designers don't always know is that their choice for linear LED fixtures can make or break the lighting budget and wreak havoc with your construction time line.

    We're happy to announce that RelightDepot can now offer several very versatile series of LED linear lighting fixtures at very competitive prices AND with rapid 24-48 hour shipping! Continue reading

  • Residential and Multi-family Lighting from RelightDepot

    Since 2009, we have been providing top quality lighting products for the commercial and industrial markets. Our focus on customer service and prompt delivery has led contractors of all sizes to trust us with more and more of their lighting fixture needs. We realized that while we were very good at value engineering the majority of commercial lighting fixtures, our catalog of decorative products for residential, office, and multi-family projects was rather thin. This led us to create Continue reading

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