When Is It Time for New Lighting?

Sometimes, the answer to this question is obvious. If the lighting in your warehouse looks like it might have been right at home in the 1950s, it’s definitely time to replace those old lighting fixtures. But what if the signs aren’t as clear?

The truth is, today’s warehouses, distribution centers and other large indoor facilities are often lit by highly inefficient systems with outdated technology. If a facility is lit by high-intensity discharge (HID) or magnetically ballasted T12 fluorescent light fixtures, then money is basically being thrown down a black hole. Many warehouse and facility managers allocate huge chunks of their fiscal pie to utility bills without realizing just how much a new lighting system can help reduce costs.

After the initial investment, switching to energy-efficient lighting systems can pay for themselves in as little as one year in many cases. When a commercial property manager finally decides that turning off the lights isn’t a viable money-saving strategy anymore, it’s time to look at retrofit lighting fixtures to solve the problem. Maybe T8 fixtures and T5HO High Bays are the solution, or perhaps the lighting retrofit project calls for a combination of solutions that only an experienced lighting specialist can provide.

No Such Thing as a “One Size Fits All” Retrofit

A poorly illuminated warehouse can present many problems, none more precarious than worker safety. Likewise, an outdated lighting system in a large retail space can invite shoplifters by creating dim spots. Both are ripe situations for replacing old lighting, and a knowledgeable expert in lighting retrofit projects can help you decide on the best solution.

That doesn’t necessarily have to mean a massive investment on an entirely new system from top to bottom. “Most lighting retrofit projects will involve replacing the existing fixture with a new fixture because the lamps/ballasts they use are inefficient”, advises Ray De Varona, president of RelightDepot. “Some retrofits will keep the fixture but remove the lamps and ballasts and replace them with more efficient technology.”

Sure Signs It Is Time to Make a Change

There are many reasons why facility managers might decide that it’s time to replace lighting fixtures, ballasts, or any combination thereof. Some of these include:

  • Current light levels are not producing the desired visibility for those working in the lighted environment.
  • Over 10% of overhead costs in a warehouse/commercial lighting environment are allocated directly to lighting.
  • High-activity areas, where employees are working with containers and labels, are being lit similarly to non-active areas, such as cold storage.
  • Light distribution throughout the facility is uneven.
  • Lights in high-risk/high-value areas are being turned off at night to save money.
  • Organizational concerns call for more energy-efficient, or “green” lighting retrofit projects.

If your facility is lit with outdated metal halide or other similar lighting fixtures, it’s definitely time to start a lighting retrofit project. Replace the ballast, replace the fluorescent fixtures, replace recessed lights, replace track lighting, replace all your industrial or commercial lighting…and be the money-saving hero in your organization while providing a safer, more evenly lit area.

Call the experts at RelightDepot at 888-548-6387 or click here to discuss your lighting retrofit project in detail.

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