Sport and Field Lighting

General Sports and Field Lighting can have a huge impact on your venue.  Aside from making a field, court, or gymnasium more aesthetically pleasing, appropriate lighting helps players and spectators.  If you are in the process of purchasing sports lighting, whether it be indoor (i.e., a gymnasium, arena, etc.), or field lighting (i.e., lighting for a football field, baseball field, lacrosse field,  basketball court, tennis court, etc.), there are several factors that you should consider. 

The most important factor is to ensure that there is sufficient lighting for the safety of the players and spectators at the sporting event.  Improper lighting can cause avoidable injuries.  Depending on the type of sport and organization that the players at your venue are playing, that organization likely has lighting requirements that must be met.    

Another factor is the size of the field, gymnasium, tennis court, etc. that you are lighting.  Lighting for surrounding areas where spectators walk and parking lots should also be considered.  Shaded areas should be lit.  Obviously, the bigger the sporting location, the more lighting that is needed. 

If you are lighting a field, you should also consider the proximity of the field to residential areas.  Many communities are now enacting laws to minimize lighting pollution.  Purchasing the right type of lighting fixtures can ensure that you meet these requirements. 

For arenas, courts, gymnasiums, rodeos, or fields which host televised events, there are also additional lighting requirements.  It is important to discuss these requirements with a lighting professional. 

Lastly, energy efficiency should always be considered. Purchasing proper lighting and/or accessories, as well as steps taken during the installation (such as tying in a scoreboard to the lighting system),  can help reduce costs related to your lighting project.   Feel free to contact Relight Depot for any questions you may have, and to meet your lighting needs.

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