Top 5 Lighting Experts to Follow

There are certain lighting professionals within the lighting industry with a level of knowledge, experience and drive that put them in rarefied air. Even longtime lighting industry veterans would do well to take a page out of the books of these illumination experts who have their finger on the pulse of what’s relevant in today’s marketplace.

The people listed here are bloggers and publishers with a passion for lighting. They write about a variety of topics such as lighting design, energy-efficient lighting, news for contractors and the construction industry, as well as the interior design industry for both commercial and residential. Together, these people are shining a light on what is happening within our industry and identifying the trends. If you’re in the lighting industry, we highly recommend following these influencers on Twitter, subscribing to their blogs and otherwise taking note of what they’re saying.

Craig DiLouie

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For over two decades, Craig DiLouie has been a staple in the lighting industry as an educator, journalist and marketing expert. He provides technical expertise in his writing and he also provides training, marketing and advertising expertise.

Craig maintains LightNOW, one of the most respected and informative blogs in the lighting industry.

"The LED and digital technological revolutions are rapidly changing the lighting industry and transforming new and existing construction, creating demand for timely information about technology, products, events, opinion and general education,” says DiLouie. “LightNOW is dedicated to serving the lighting community as a leading source of news and opinion."

You might also be interested in the books he has written on the lighting industry, The Lighting Controls Handbook and Advanced Lighting Controls.

In addition to books about the lighting industry, Craig has also written several works of fiction, which can be viewed here.

Seth Leitman

Going green isn’t just a trend anymore – it’s an industry standard. Seth Leitman is a money-saving, pollution-reducing sustainability guru who has a very handy blog called the Green Living Guy. This blog provides direct how-to’s for both the homeowner and the industry insider. One of Seth’s clients sold more than 2 million LED bulbs, helping to save more than $100 million per year in energy and more than $1 billion over the life of those bulbs.

“Going green on lighting is not compromising the quality of light,” says Leitman. “It saves on energy costs, which helps governments, businesses and homes across the country. Imagine what could happen if governments across the country … started switching to LED!”

Seth is a very prolific tweeter – if you follow @seth_leitman, his re-tweets alone will connect you with insightful lighting info from every corner of the country.

Linda Longo

New York’s most product-savvy lighting expert for 20 years, Linda is the Editorial Director of enLIGHTenment Magazine. While she primarily focuses on residential lighting, the magazine has many in-depth articles on high-value commercial properties as well. The magazine delivers the latest news on the lighting industry—all at an easy-to-understand level for architects, facility managers, contractors, remodelers, lighting designers or the general consumer to read. But don’t take our word for it; see what Linda has to say about the future of the lighting industry:

“I have been covering the lighting industry for 20 years, and there has never been a more exciting time to be in the business than right now. It's amazing to realize that the most common light bulbs (incandescent with carbon filament) have hardly changed in over 100 years! In the last 15 years alone, developments in lighting have been occurring almost at, well, light speed.  Since the mid-1990s, the world has gone from developing fiber optic and compact fluorescent light sources for everyday use to adapting light-emitting diodes (LED) -- the very same source that has been used as indicator lights on appliances -- to much broader applications. There are a lot of product breakthroughs happening every few months, and you need a go-to source to stay on top of it all.”

Check it out, or follow Linda’s Twitter account @LindaLongo.

Ray Molony

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Ray is one of the industry’s top dogs from across the pond. He tweets regularly on lighting industry regulations and updates from all over Europe and is the publisher of Lux Review, the international journal of energy-efficient lighting and design. Follow him on Twitter at @RayMolony for insights on the lighting business, breaking news and informed comment.

James Bedell

James Bedell is an independent lighting designer and sustainability advocate from New York City. For more than a decade, his work has been seen on installations for Google, Wired Magazine, and Absolut Vodka. His work has also been seen in multi-million dollar architectural projects all over the world and on the stages of NYC theater. He is passionate about telling stories with light and creating amazing spaces sustainably. You can find out more about Bedell and his work by visiting his website, where you can find his portfolio, blog and contact information.

He also maintains a lighting design blog. Follow him on Twitter at @JamesBedell.

Joe Salimando

Another incredibly useful lighting blog is written by Joe Salimando. EleBlog focuses more on the business side of the lighting industry but also contains many insightful technical tips. Joe scours the lighting industry and reposts stories that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Interested in energy consumption by foreign countries? Curious to find out which lighting companies have doubled their capital in the past year? Want to know the potentially adverse health effects from different types of lighting? How about who is investing in new lighting technologies such as solar? Joe covers all of this and much, much more.

No matter how long you have been in this industry, everyone needs lighting tips and lighting advice from time to time. So make a point of checking out what these mavens of the lighting industry have to say.

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