Quick-Ship LED Linear Lighting

Many of our customers find us when looking for LED linear lighting fixtures. These fixtures are very popular with designers but have notoriously long lead times and are typically very expensive. Designers love them because they give a very clean and modern aesthetic for commercial spaces, dental and medical offices or any space with an open ceiling plan. What many of these designers don't always know is that their choice for linear LED fixtures can make or break the lighting budget and wreak havoc with your construction time line.

We're happy to announce that RelightDepot can now offer several very versatile series of LED linear lighting fixtures at very competitive prices AND with rapid 24-48 hour shipping!

Quick-Turn LED Linear Lighting

The TF-LLLSF series with a 2.2" X 2.8" profile and the TF-LLLSG series with a 3.5" x 3.4" profile are available in 4' and 8' lengths and can be joined to make longer continuous runs. They feature a built-in driver and an internal wiring harness to provide power from a single point for long fixture runs. The fixtures can be suspended from a cable pendant, surface mounted, or recessed into the ceiling to suit multiple applications.

Another option for linear LED lighting that ship within 24-48 hours is the ATG Electronics Huron series of fixtures.  These models are available in 2 foot and 4 foot versions and can be surface mounted or pendant mounted. While these are not inherently linkable for long runs, they certainly can be mounted individually for a great effect.

Other Options for LED Linear Light Fixtures

Of course, these are not the only LED Linear Lights that RelightDepot can provide. We offer a number of options with square or round profiles and even have more traditional blade or gull-wing designs. Some of these are as small as 3/4" in profile!  The TF-LLLSA series is so small that it looks like a floating bar of light.  This fixture can be used to great effect to light conference rooms, reception areas or lobbies.