Lighting Audit Form

We have performed many lighting audits for warehouses and industrial facilities across the country.  In doing this, we have developed a very simple form that captures all of the pertinent information for a lighting audit in a single sheet of paper.  We are happy to share this form with you in hopes that it makes assessing your building's potential for a lighting retrofit easier.

The form itself is very simple.  The Customer Information section captures the contact details for the company that owns the building being audited along with the utility company and the rate that is paid per kWh.  The easiest way of getting the utility rate is to take the total electric bill and subtract out the cost of any leased facilities.  These could be lot lighting services or other lighting that is owned by the utility company.  Then, divide the remaining charge by the kWh consumed for the billing period.  This will not be an exact number, but it will average out demand charges across the billing cycle and be reasonably close to be used on your ROI calculations.

The Lighting System Details section gives you space to capture an area by area audit of the facility being surveyed.  Make sure to capture light levels, verify system voltages and take note of activity levels so that lighting controls can be applied properly in the proposed retrofit.  We also provide a space to mark if the area being audited is conditioned.  This can be used to further enhance the return on investment calculations.

Click to download the Lighting Audit Form Lighting Audit Form

In our experience, the trickiest parts of a lighting audit is ensuring you get an accurate count of each of the different types of fixtures in the facility. For buildings that only have one or two types of fixtures, this can be easy. If you have doubts about the type of fixture you are counting, ask to see a replacement lamp or find a fixture that has been taken down from the ceiling. This will allow you to note the lamp and ballast wattage on the lighting audit form and double check the type of wiring used. When working with many different types of fixtures, make sure to break the facility down into manageable areas. We use building columns as a guide in counting fixtures by area when there are no other clearly defined sections. If you have any questions about how to use this form, or would like help in generating a lighting retrofit plan based on your lighting audit results, don't hesitate to contact us. We hope this form makes your lighting audit easier.