Must-Have Light Fixtures for School Campuses

School campuses require lighting solutions that are conducive to productivity and safety. The location or intended activity drives the types of fixtures needed. These fixtures also have to have a long life and offer trouble-free utility for years to come.

LED Recessed Lighting

Having the right lighting in a classroom setting is conducive to optimal learning. The correct lights can create a productive atmosphere for teachers as well. To ensure minimal disruption and an optimized learning environment it is best to use fixtures that reduce glare and provide the right color temperature of light.  LED recessed lighting in the classroom and hallways can foster uninterrupted concentration and keep students alert. These fixtures also allow equal light dispersion throughout the classroom. Good lighting has proven to increase reading speeds and reduce episodes of hyperactivity. There are many types of recessed fixtures that are suitable for this type of space.

Outdoor Flood Lighting

Whether it’s on the football field, tennis court, or just general outdoor walkways, flood lighting keeps these areas illuminated at night when practice runs late.  Flood lighting on a football field should make all areas of the field visible for players. It also should provide crowd comfort. Make sure it’s so that it is not intrusive to residential areas surrounding the school.

For the safety of students, family, and staff, it is also of utmost importance to situate flood lighting so that it ensures there are no pockets of darkness in places where comers and goers must walk to either enter the school grounds or return to their cars.

Emergency and Exit Lighting

Every school campus needs to be prepared in the event of an emergency drill or evacuation. Lighting over all doors showing that they are an exit is a must. Exit and emergency lighting illuminates egress routes and keeps evacuations orderly.

When you think of exit and emergency lighting, your mind may automatically just think of the exit signs above the doors but that's not all there is to it. There is emergency lighting in the hallways of all schools that should come on in the event of a power outage so that no one is stuck in the dark.

The next time you are in a school, look around at all of the lights. There are many light fixtures for school campuses that are put in to keep the atmosphere conducive to learning, to keep the inhabitants safe in case of an emergency, to get them out when in need of an evacuation, and to guide the way as they leave the campus.