Save Time with Ultra-Thin Recessed Lights

The same technology that drives LED flat panels is now being used to bring new options to the recessed can product lines. These ultra-thin LED recessed lights can be used to light everything from attics to basements as well as office spaces and corridors.  Their thin design lets them fit in even the tightest spaces and they can be installed from below, saving countless man hours and having to crawl around in attics.

RelightDepot has recently added the full line of StarLED's ultra-thin recessed panel lights.  These are available in sizes from 2.5" to 9" with some models coming in both round and square versions. You can use the small ones to add accent lighting to living or office spaces while the larger ones can be used to quickly add ample lighting to bathrooms, closets and corridors.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help.