Weekly Twitter Summary for 2010-03-05

  • @heatherwestpr thanks for adding us to @heatherwestpr/energy. I'm in very good company over there. Great list! #
  • In DC on 3/10? Check out the Great Energy Efficiency Day event hosted by @ToSaveEnergy. Wish I could go: http://bit.ly/clMNzQ #
  • Energy Efficiency Must Be at the Center of International Climate Change Approaches in 2010 « EE Global 2010 Blog http://bit.ly/9BaLzh #
  • How To Cut Costs Through Energy Efficiency > Triple Pundit http://bit.ly/bqU0X2. Lighting retrofits have fastest ROI. #
  • Walmart to cut supplychain emissions by 20MT & already oversees energy audits and retrofits at its suppliers’ factories http://bit.ly/bWn6wb #
  • We're helping a small gym in Dallas,TX improve light levels with just 12 6-lamp T5HO gym fixtures. We can help you too: http://bit.ly/9LLD4c #
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