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Founded over forty years ago as a Southern California based manufacturer, GlobaLux is the source of a broad range of lighting products with uncompromising emphasis on energy efficiency, superior materials, and optical performance. Global manufacturing facilities and component sourcing have enabled the company to develop a wide range of specification grade lighting products. Today, GlobaLux not only provides great quality products, but can offer them in a range of cost-efficient options with short lead times.

Through their network of suppliers, in-house lighting engineers, and flexible low cost assembly operations, GlobaLux can provide cost efficient, turnkey lighting solutions for most residential and commercial lighting projects.  The company's product offering includes a comprehensive assortment of residential and commercial fluorescents, a diverse selection of compact fluorescent and LED fixtures, the most popular HID, emergency exits, and lamps to round out a complete project package.

RelightDepot works closely with GlobaLux lighting to ensure our customers get the best service. If you are looking for GlobaLux Lighting products, we're here to help. Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs.

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