Commercial Ceiling Lights

Commercial Ceiling Lights

Commercial ceiling lights are possibly the most essential lights in use today. These lights are surface mounted to hard ceilings and used to light the entire inside of most buildings. There is a reason why these ceiling lights are so popular - they are inexpensive and very effective. From hallways to bathrooms, you will most likely have ceiling lights illuminating the area.

Surface mounted commercial ceiling fixtures come in several flavors:

  • Surface mounted versions of traditional recessed fixtures - These fixtures feature a shroud and mounting mechanism that allows fixtures with the same appearance as traditional recessed fixtures to be mounted to the ceiling.
  • Wraps, Puffs and Clouds - More utilitarian fixtures designed for general illumination.  Usually on the lower end of the cost spectrum and less aesthetically pleasing.
  • Accent cylinders and spot lights - While cylinders can certainly be used for general illumination, they make a great fixture for localized task and accent lighting.

When you are shopping for ceiling lights, you will also need to consider the type of mood you would like to have. A ceiling light that produces a soft light with warm color temperature is an excellent option that is easy on the eyes and creates a welcoming environment.  For areas that should encourage the occupant to be more alert, a cooler color temperature should be used.  Most of the ceiling fixtures in these categories are available with multiple color temperature optoins to help you set the right environment for your space.

Build a professional image with high-quality lighting from RelightDepot. Browse the extensive catalog of ceiling lights and find the one that is best for you and your space. If you need help choosing the correct ceiling light, talk to one of our experts today.

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