Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

When things go wrong, emergency lights are there to light the way and create a safe environment to navigate a building during a power outage. Whether you are trying to exit the building or waiting for the power to turn back on, emergency lights will help illuminate the pathways to walk throughout the premises.

Emergency lights are battery-powered and only activate when they sense a power outage. These fixtures remain in standby and feature built-in battery charges and circuitry that detects when building power is removed.  At that point, they kick in and provide emergency mode lighting.

Emergency lighting, or egress lighting as it is referred to in the trade, is required in most commercial locations under the NFPA 101 Safety Codes. This codebook and other building codes require all new and existing buildings to install emergency lights leading to the exits. The exit access locations are the designated stairs, corridors, ramps, escalators, and passageways that lead to an exit. These codes also dictate the minimum light levels that emergency fixtures are to achieve when the power is out.

Our emergency light category features fixtures with various designs and styles.  Regardless of the look, you'll find that they all have built-in batteries that can power the fixture for a minimum of 90 minutes.  The fixtures also have built-in charging circuits to replenish the battery when building power is reconnected.  Several fixtures are also available that include automated test circuitry that performs the required cycle tests to reduce your maintenance requirements and keep your emergency lighting system in perfect working order.

As with any of our products, if you need help choosing the correct emergency lights for your location, contact one of our experts for friendly guidance.