If you are looking for a convenient upgrade to your current lighting system, retrofit kits are just the tool for the job. By replacing traditional fluorescent or HID lamps with LED retrofit kits, you can significantly slash energy costs without needing to replace the entire light fixture. There are various sizes, wattages, and fixture types that you can choose from to find the perfect LED equivalent to your current lighting system. Once you have matched your retrofit kit to your current system, it's usually a simple process to remove the old lamps and replace them with the new and vibrant LED lighting. 

Along with broad LED retrofit kits, RelightDepot offers specific kits that match with certain light fixture types. These light fixtures are recessed cans, strip lighting, parabolic, and troffer retrofit kits. 

  • Recessed Cans - Equipped with a unique lightbulb-style adapter, recessed can retrofit kits can easily replace an existing standard incandescent or fluorescent recessed can.
  • Strip Lighting - Used to replace fluorescent lighting fixtures, strip light retrofit kits offer the choice between LED T8 lightbulbs or LED strips to upgrade your current lighting system with bright LED lighting.
  • Parabolics and Troffers - A common choice among commercial spaces like office buildings, parabolic and troffer light fixtures are a mainstay in commercial settings. Replace existing lighting with an LED alternative that will consume less energy and increase visibility. 

If you need help choosing the correct retrofit kit for your existing lighting system, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts for a personalized recommendation!