To make your outdoor spaces more visible, secure, and safer, install proper area and site lighting. These light fixtures are designed to be installed over any large outdoor spaces that need bright illumination. Area and site lighting fixtures also play an essential role in increasing your property's security by deterring a potential crime. 

With a well-illuminated space, criminals will have nowhere to hide without being exposed to the powerful area and site lights on your property. And, with the help of LED lighting, you can cut down on your operating costs while still maintaining a safe environment. LED area and site lighting configurations feature a reduced glare to improve the visual comfort of these bright light fixtures. 

RelightDepot has light fixture types to fit all of your needs, with the four area and site lighting fixtures available being: 

  • Shoebox Fixtures - An essential light in parking lots, shoebox fixtures offer a powerful and effective lighting solution to cover large spaces.
  • Post Lights - Installed at the top of posts, post lighting is a fixture used closer to the ground for locations like parks, corridors, and pathways.
  • Street Lights & Cobraheads - These high-performance light fixtures are best used in locations where safety is a top priority, such as in airports, highways, and terminal zones.
  • Light Poles - Designed solely to be installed on poles, these light fixtures have a recommended installation height ranging from 12ft to over 50ft depending on the model and light-output. 

If you require help choosing the correct light fixture for your commercial space, contact us for a personalized recommendation!