Exit and Emergency Lighting

Possibly the most critical lighting system in any commercial or industrial setting, exit and emergency lighting will help your occupants navigate the building in the instance of a power outage. Powered by long-lasting batteries, these lights and egress signs will activate once they sense that building power has been removed and brightly illuminate the path to safety.

As required by building codes, all commercial and industrial spaces need to have exit and emergency lighting installed for safety measures. These lights and signs will work for a minimum of 90-minutes and will quickly recharge using the building’s electricity to become usable again. 

To help create a safe environment, these three groups make up most of exit and emergency lighting: 

  • Exit Signs - Placed above exit doors and used to signal the nearest exit, an exit sign will be the guiding tool to help people find the nearest exit in an emergency. These exit signs should have no obstacles blocking the lettering.
  • Emergency Lighting - Emergency light fixtures provide the necessary light to illuminate hallways, stairwells, and corridors that lead to an exit when there is a power outage.
  • Exit & Emergency Combo - For a convenient option, exit and emergency combos incorporate both of the above features in a single unit. With one unit, you can save on operating costs and reduce the number of units needed for your property. 

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