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The experience your guests receive from the moment they walk through the door to your hotel lobby matters a great deal. Do they feel relaxed and relieved after a long journey or day? Do they leave your place feeling more energized and ready to kickstart a fresh day?

In hospitality, the first impression goes a long way to boost your business growth. LED lights are one of the ways to secure that first impression. Some of the hospitality LED lighting fixtures include a wide range of bulbs, recessed ceiling fixtures, and top-quality LED luminaires.

Floor lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces are great lighting fixtures for your hotel. With LEDs, you will pay less in energy bills, and the atmosphere created by these lighting designs will be conducive for your guests.

This article highlights everything you need to know about lighting in hotels and why you should transform your hospitality lighting design.


Hotels and conference halls are multi-purpose spaces, and it therefore critical that each unique space is accorded its most appropriate lighting design. For instance, bright commercial lights may be the best for a hotel gym, while dim lights will be perfect for the bar section.

The lighting design installed in the lobby will depend on the mood of the setting or the activity taking place. To create a cozy vintage atmosphere, use a dimmable light with a warm color temperature. For a clean and modern aura, use crisp LED lights that mimic the sunlight.

Each area of the hotel setting has a different mood, and despite the mood, you want to achieve with your lighting design, there are numerous options of lighting fixtures that will make your hospitality dream a reality.


The first impression created by your lighting design should be classic, welcoming, and warm. The general atmosphere should be welcoming from the moment your guests set foot into your hotel lobby. You should leverage great lighting designs to implant a positive impression in your guests.

Bright cool lighting fills the guest with energy and a ton of excitement. On the other hand, dim, warm lighting is inviting and relaxing.

The lighting in hotels should match and blend with your general architectural features and furniture. Modern lighting fixtures with a cool color temperature will help highlight the contemporary finishes and clean lines.

You can also stress emphasis on vintage décor and historic arches with warm and welcoming color temperature lights and distressed fixtures.


High ceilings, large chandeliers, and high-quality lighting fixtures deliver a stunning first impression. For a welcoming hotel lobby, you should install a sculptural minimalist or sleek chandelier with just a few bright bulbs. Traditional chandeliers with candle-like LED lights are another great option. The transitional chandelier will look great above the electric mix of new and old.


Lobbies often have high ceilings. Lighting fixtures fixed on the ceiling offer an even wash of light acting as a backdrop for décor, statement lighting fixtures, and furniture. Recessed and luminaire ceiling lights help in making sure light is evenly distributed across the entire lobby. By selecting LED lights for these ambient fixtures, you will not only cut your electricity bill, but you will also end up creating an eco-friendly hospitality illumination design that will impress your guests.


Floor fixed lamps bring about style and functionality in lobbies. They can be used as directional lights for focused activities such as working and reading. Floor bulbs can also be used to brighten up darker corners, contributing to the ambient lighting design of the lobby. Floor fixtures range from sculptural to simple, so you can easily find one that effectively works the overall lighting in restaurants.


Visitors and guests come to the hotel bar to relax and unwind from the day’s stress or catch up with colleagues and friends. The ambiance of your lighting should draw them in and ultimately set the mood for a great relaxing experience. With dimmable LED lights, you can create the flexibility needed to adjust the lighting of the bar for special occasions and on the basis of time.


They will help set the mood or ambiance required for socializing and night dancing. There is no doubt that wall sconces are a great fixture for bar lighting. With a dim glow, you can create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for socializing and late-night dining. These fixtures come in a wide range of styles. You can keep the atmosphere crisp with cool color temperature lights and linear scones. For a vintage feel, an exposed LED Edison bulb will do the trick.


To light up the liquor bottles and glassware behind the bar counter, install strip lighting. LED strip lights will help highlight all the liquor bottles and glassware beneath and behind the bar. A thin strip light will provide a sophisticated inside glow. You can pick a colored strip light on neutral light depending on the overall bar décor.


These lighting fixtures will guarantee a design statement on the bar. When the appropriate design is effectively installed, it will create overhead visual interest, drawing the eyes of your guest upwards and delivering a sense of awe. Chandeliers will also affect your overall furniture and décor by transforming and emphasizing the furniture and finishes because they offer ambient light.


There is a variety of lighting fixtures that could be installed in a hotel room. The installed fixture should be simple for the guest to control. Ask a traveler, and he will tell you that the best hotels give their guests full control over the mood they want to set in their rooms.

Installing dimmable LED lighting fixtures in your hotel rooms makes sure that the lighting is customizable. The lighting can be layered with a task, accent, and ambient lighting to ensure that guests have multiple options.

Whether a guest wants to create a dim glow or balanced, bright lighting for easy working or dressing, a properly designed room lighting system will accommodate it all.


These fixtures happen to be the best tried and tested hotel room lighting standard. With adjustable LEDs, guests can easily set their desired moods. Bright overhead or ceiling lighting fixture is great for the effective running of everyday activities, but dimmable lights are the best for an evening relaxation mood that leaves the guests feeling comfortable during their stay.


It’s essential to have table tamps installed in hotel rooms. Typically, you will find table lamps placed by the side of the bed. If there is a working desk in the room, a task lamp will go a long way in offering directional light for reading and working. You can emphasize your hotel’s style using ornamental lampshades. These lampshades can be switched out easily whenever there is an update.


Sconces fixed on the wall will help light the corridors or hallway leading to hotel rooms. When installed inside the rooms, they are space-saving and a great alternative to table lamps in small hotel rooms. Wall sconces are highly functional lighting in restaurants, and they came in a wide range of styles. You can choose the fixture design that will enhance and match the mood of the rooms. Choosing adjustable wall sconces fixtures will make sure guests can customize the mood-setting in the room.


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