Commercial Pendant Lighting

Commercial pendant lighting is an excellent choice to bring both style and functionality to any space. Typically suspended by a chain, cord, or metal rod - these light fixtures are versatile and useful in various lighting situations. In general lighting arrangements, a large pendant light can brightly illuminate large areas with indirect lighting coverage.

Pendant lighting also shine as the premier choice for task lighting and directly highlighting areas. By varying the length of the pendant mounting cables, you can bring the light up close to any area you need direct light. You will typically see pendant lights hanging over tables, countertops, or workspaces. However, pendant lights aren’t only exclusive to these areas. You can utilize these lights efficiently in almost any space, from large open office spaces to stairwells and bathrooms.

Pendant lights come in many different shapes and sizes. We offer pendant lights that utilize long strips of powerful LED lights like the 8-Foot AEL PLSW Series Pendant Light for larger areas. For smaller and more direct lighting situations, a pendant light like the 3-Inch Round LED Standard Pendant Mount Cylinder Light will bring focused clarity to your space.

When installing pendant lighting in a commercial setting, you will not need to worry about if the light’s cord length will be too short or long. The beauty of a pendent light’s design is that you can adjust it to match your circumstances correctly. To give you plenty of length to work with, a pendant light will typically have a cord that is too long at first. Don’t worry, the longer length is standard, and you can adjust the light’s cord length to fit your needs best.

To get started, browse our extensive catalog of pendant lights here at RelightDepot to see which style best fits your needs. We are confident you will find precisely what you are looking for—from standard to uniquely-designed pendant lights. Need help making the correct choice? That's what we're here for! Talk to one of our experts on the phone, through chat, or via email - we'll help you every step of the way.