Canopy Lights

Lighting needs aren’t limited to the indoors, in fact, outdoor canopy lights can both enhance the architecture of your commercial building and act as a welcome sign for your visitors. That said, if you are on the lookout for canopy lights, it’s imperative that you make an informed decision. The right outdoor canopy lighting fixtures are unobtrusive and make the space feel welcoming, safe, and attractive — all of which LED canopy lighting can do for your establishment.

Canopy lights are typically used in outdoor spaces that include gas stations, walkways, parking garages, and overhangs. 

LED canopy lights are the best lighting solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Whether you want to make a customer feel safe pulling into your gas station at night or want your building to look bright and welcoming to visitors, canopy lighting is your best bet. LED canopy lights can also act as a security measure by providing ample light for security cameras and illuminating entrances and exits, especially if you are directing vehicles.

RelightDepot offers traditional canopy lights and energy-efficient LED canopy light fixtures in both surface-mounted and recessed versions. For commercial office entry canopy areas, LED recessed cans make great canopy lights. With a wide variety of affordable canopy lighting options at RelightDepot, it’s easy to find the best lighting solution that suits your needs. Need help? Contact us if you need free expert advice on the type of canopy light that is right for your space.