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Consumer needs and evolving technology standards are the driving forces of innovation and production at Enerlites. Enerlites is a leading national supplier of lighting controls and wiring devices. Their catalog includes patented products that concentrate on energy efficiency, high quality, and the application of cutting-edge technology.

Enerlites has over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing. The company's commitment to quality and safety is second to none. Every component in every unit is inspected at regular intervals of the manufacturing process, and on-site UL labs regularly assess and confirm the safety of every device to its standard. All applicable products are CA Title 20 and 24 certified, UL listed, and meet proper NEC codes. All units are fire resistant.

The Enerlites team is dedicated to supporting every facet of the customer experience. They ensure that every inquiry is handled with professionalism and care. Their customer service response time is less than one business day, and their hands-on team follows through on all inquiries.

The Enerlites product line includes the first ever PIR/Humidity Sensor combination on the market and includes their extremely popular Interchangeable USB Receptacles. The company has a wide selection of dimmers, switches, timers, receptacles, occupancy & vacancy sensors, wall plates, and floor boxes. Their products go through rigorous In-House testing as well as third party testing. They take pride in their work so that their devices comply with all manufacturing requirements and National Electric Codes and pass all applicable UL, ETL, FCC, Title 20 & 24, and other energy efficiency tests.

Enerlites leads the market in USB charging devices. They set the market standards for the safest and fastest in-wall USB receptacles to date. With recent integration of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology and Power Delivery through USB-C, the company is equipped to handle the most modern devices at top speeds. Beyond speed and reliability, Enerlites USB charging devices cater to heavy use in residential and commercial applications. Interchangeable modules allow for quick changes with minimal effort and cost. Interchangeable face covers give worn outlets an immediate face lift and come in various colors to complement a room.

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