Task & Accent Lighting

To highlight certain areas in the room, task and accent lighting are the premier choices to increase the lighting in specific locations that have ambient light already. The purpose of task lighting is to increase visibility and make completing a task easier. 

Some locations that you can find task and accent lighting in are workspaces, underneath cabinetry, or above a fantastic piece of artwork. The possibilities are endless with task and accent lighting due to their versatile design. If you want to bring attention to a specific part of a room more, accent lighting is the perfect choice. 

Three of the most common types of task and accent lighting found at RelightDepot are: 

  • Tape Lighting - For an easy installation of LED lighting, tape lighting is a slim and versatile type of task and accent light that can be installed by sticking it to any surface. LED tape lighting can be installed as a modern and stylish accent or a task light to illuminate a workstation. 
  • Under Cabinet Lighting - Typically installed in kitchens, under cabinet lights brighten the room and illuminate locations like under wall cabinets that can cast shadows. The addition of under cabinet lighting will also create a warmer environment that is more welcoming.
  • Puck Lights - As the name implies, these lights have an appearance similar to a hockey puck. For situations that require a compact and convenient lighting solution, puck lights are a perfect choice. 

For help choosing the perfect fixture for your next lighting project, contact us for a perfect recommendation to transform your space