Proper lighting is a crucial part of creating a welcoming environment for those who enter your commercial space. Having adequate lighting throughout the inside and outside of your location will reduce safety risks, increase the curb appeal of the property, and help keep your space secure by illuminating all areas in and around the building.

Indoor Lighting Subcategories

To adequately light any commercial setting, using several light fixtures designed for different situations will provide you with the best results. Indoor light fixtures are best suited for locations such as the inside of office buildings, schools, or hotels. These indoor light fixtures will provide bright lighting that can be spread throughout the property and illuminate all areas.


Outdoor Lighting Subcategories

To illuminate your commercial space's exterior, outdoor light fixtures have the necessary wiring connections and construction rated for wet locations. When put in direct contact with water, these outdoor light fixtures will stay unaffected and continue to provide light in even the harshest weather conditions. These light fixtures should be utilized in locations such as parking lots, outdoor walkways, and mounted on the exterior walls of the commercial building.


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