Exit and Emergency Combo

Exit and Emergency Combo

With both exit signs and emergency lights being necessary for commercial settings, an exit and emergency combo gives you both life-safety lighting devices in one fixture. These fixtures are available in several different styles and feature the body of an exit sign with the added benefit of one or multiple LED emergency lighting heads that turn on when normal building power is shut off to illuminate the way to the exits.

Like an exit sign, these convenient units should be placed above exit doors or help direct you to the exit door. Many of the exit and emergency combos available on RelightDepot have adjustable light heads that allow you to aim the emergency light to the most critical areas during a power outage, such as the stairwells or hallways.

One of the main benefits of choosing an exit and emergency light combo is it only requires you to hook up one unit, compared to needing to do two with a separate exit sign and emergency light. The maintenance is reduced by 50% with these units utilizing only one battery system to illuminate both the exit sign and turn on the emergency lights when necessary.

Two of the main styles of exit and emergency combos are the low-profile design and the standard design.

  • Low-Profile Combo: In a low-profile exit and emergency combo, the lights have a circular and smaller design. The lights are attached typically to the exit sign's top, not taking up too much space.
  • Standard Lamp Combo: In a standard exit and emergency combo, the lights are attached on each side of the sign with a larger adjustable light that can point in your desired direction.

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