Vapor Tight High Bays

Vapor Tight High Bays

Vapor tight high bay lights are a subset of our high bay lighting category that are designed specifically to be used in areas where they may be subject to water or other liquids. These fixtures typically have a gasket-sealed body with wet-rated wiring components that don't allow water to enter or accumulate inside the body of the high bay. 

As high bays, they are ideally suited to light large facilities with tall ceilings.  To do this, they use high lumen output LEDs that are very efficient at converting electric energy to light.  These fixtures help lower maintenance costs in what usually are facilities that are very difficult to maintain.  While these lights are incredibly bright, they use less energy than traditional light fixtures so you also lower operating costs. 

Some facilities where these features are called for include:

  • Food-processing facilities where the whole facility must be washed down regularly

  • Dairy barns that use water misting systems to control dust

  • Refrigerated storage facilities where normal fixtures would allow condensation build-up inside the fixture

The two main styles of wet location high bay fixtures are round UFO high bays and Linear Wet Location High Bays.

  • UFO High Bays: Many UFO-style high bay light fixtures are listed as approved for wet location use and include wet-rated wiring connections. These lights have a smaller round design and are easy to hang on a chain or cord during their installation.

  • Linear Fixtures: High bay linear fixtures rated for wet locations have a fully enclosed body with tightly sealed lenses to prevent water intrusion. 

If you need guidance in choosing the correct wet location high bay lights for your space, don't hesitate to contact one of our experts for the perfect recommendation!