Surface Mount Ceiling Lights

Surface mount ceiling lights are a vital part of any commercial space and provide the light necessary to create a warm and welcoming environment. Instead of recessing into the ceiling, these fixtures mount directly to any hard ceiling. Browse our extensive catalog here at RelightDepot with surface-mounted ceiling lights in different sizes, wattages, and weather ratings. 

Surface mount ceiling lights can play various roles in any commercial space. Along with your standard surface-mounted commercial ceiling lights, we also offer linear lighting, track lighting, and decorative lighting. 

  • Surface Mount Linear Lighting - Linear lighting is the premier choice to illuminate a commercial space and save on energy costs. These lights are also a perfect choice for areas with limited space.
  • Track Lighting - Surface-mounted track lighting will illuminate the most critical locations in your commercial space. With their adjustable design, these track lights can adjust to an ever-changing commercial space with ease.
  • Decorative Ceiling Lights - Add modern and stylish accents to your commercial space with decorative surface-mounted ceiling lighting. These ceiling lights can be used as the centerpiece of the room or utilized in a group for added illumination. 

If you need help deciding which surface-mounted ceiling light is best for your space, contact one of our experts here at RelightDepot for the perfect recommendation.

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