Bollards & Landscape Lighting

Bollard and landscape lighting create a safe environment by providing long-lasting outdoor lighting. By creating a widespread area of ambient light, these lights increase visibility and help make the outside of commercial spaces feel more secure at night.

Each landscape and bollard light has a sturdy base and a powerful light that is located near the top of the fixture. The construction of these outdoor lights are incredibly durable and will withstand heavy rainfall or other harsh weather conditions with ease. 

There are four main categories of landscape lighting fixtures available on RelightDepot: 

  • Bollard Lights - Bollard lights are a landscape lighting fixture with a powerful and bright light that is perfect for outdoor walkways or pathways. 
  • Landscape Lighting - Used to highlight and illuminate a landscape's features—these lights come in various forms that you can use to construct a safe and easily accessible environment for people.
  • Outdoor Step Lights - For stairs that can be affected by water, these outdoor step lights are the perfect choice to illuminate stairs during the night time for the safety of those in the area.
  • String Lights - Typically used in outdoor dining or deck setups, string lights are an excellent choice to add several LED lights while only using one outdoor lighting fixture and requires only one source of power.

For help finding the perfect landscape light for your latest lighting project, contact us for a personalized recommendation!