Bulkhead Lights

Bulkhead Lights

Bulkhead lights are a sleek and durable wall lighting solution and are the perfect choice for illuminating the perimeter and other locations of commercial spaces. Many bulkhead lights are rated for wet locations and can withstand direct contact with water without missing a beat. Along with keeping water out, bulkhead lights also seal-out bugs from entering the fixture.

All bulkhead lights available on RelightDepot use LED lights for an energy-efficient solution to traditional lighting. These bulkhead lights consume less energy and have a longer lifespan. Bulkhead light fixtures are best used as a wall-mounted lighting fixture fastened around stairwells, alleyways, or entryways. Typical applications for bulkhead lights include schools, condominiums, shopping malls, and hotels.

Bulkhead lights come in three main style options that you can choose from to fit your lighting goals best. These three options are grid, half-cutoff, and open frame bulkhead lights.

  • Grid Frame - The grid frame provides a protective barrier between the bulkhead light’s polycarbonate lens and gives the light a more decorative appeal.
  • Half Cutoff - If you are looking for a more directed light source, a half cutoff bulkhead light will illuminate the space below it.
  • Open Frame - For a broad source of light, an open frame bulkhead light will illuminate the entire space around the light. Open frame bulkhead lights are an excellent choice for entryways or stairwells where proper illumination is critical.

Not sure which bulkhead light is best for you? Contact one of our experts for the perfect recommendation!