Pendant lighting is an excellent choice as a versatile and modern lighting solution for your commercial space. Installed and suspended by a cable, chain, or metal rod - pendant lighting will illuminate a space with direct and/or indirect lighting. Pendant lighting can also be utilized for task lighting when hung above an important area of a room or as general lighting throughout the space.

Because of pendant lighting’s suspended design, you can install it at the perfect height to fit your specific needs. You will typically find pendant lights in open office workspaces, conference rooms, and many other commercial areas.  In addition to being versatile, pendant lighting also enhances and upgrades the appearance of the area they are lighting

The three main categories of pendant lights available on RelightDepot are: 

  • Linear Pendant Lighting - Providing a high-output of indirect light, linear pendant lighting is the premier choice for locations such as offices, retail areas, conference rooms, or utility spaces. These pendant light fixtures also come in a sturdy metal body, making them perfect for heavy traffic areas.
  • Commercial Pendant Lighting - Commercial pendant lighting can be used in various situations, from standard pendant lights for office spaces to waterproof lighting used in manufacturing facilities.
  • Decorative Pendant Lighting - To give your commercial space a stylish accent, decorative pendant lighting like chandeliers can be an excellent centerpiece. Decorative pendant lighting is a great way to make your property uniquely yours, allowing you to choose which style you want. 

To help you set up your commercial space with the perfect pendant light, contact us for a personalized recommendation!