High Bay Lighting

High bay lighting is the ideal indoor lighting solution for warehouse, industrial, and commercial locations with tall ceilings. As the name implies, these lights are geared directly for industrial or commercial bays with high ceilings. Some of the most common places you will find high bay lighting are in locations such as storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities, large recreational facilities, and retail stores. These locations typically have ceilings that are taller than 20ft. 

High bay lighting can be categorized into five main types, which include: 

  • LED High Bay Fixtures - LED high bay fixtures are a cost-efficient alternative to traditional high lumen-output lighting. With an equal level of light output, these LED lights use less power than traditional fixtures using fluorescent or HID bulbs.
  • Linear High Bay Lights - With options utilizing T8 and T5HO bulbs, linear high bay lights offer a durable indoor lighting solution for warehouse and retail settings. They are equipped with premium reflectors for highly efficient light.
  • Round High Bay Fixtures - For easy installation, round high bay fixtures are perfect for single-point mounting applications. These fixtures deliver a high light output and have a low energy consumption, making them perfect for those looking to slash their operating costs.
  • Grid Mount High Bay Fixtures - Specifically designed for drop ceiling applications, grid mount high bay fixtures can be recessed or surface mounted for easy installation. Some of these fixtures' most common locations are schools, government buildings, and other public areas.
  • Vapor Tight High Bay Fixtures - For commercial and industrial facilities where the lights are subject to water and other liquids, vapor-tight high bay fixtures feature a tight seal that prevents any liquid from entering or accumulating in the light fixture. 

For guidance on choosing the best high bay light for your lighting projects, contact us for a recommendation.