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3-Foot High-Output RGBW Connector with Silicone Jacket

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This 3-Foot RGBW 5C Wire Connector, featuring both ends open and a protective silicone rubber jacket, is designed for versatile RGBW LED lighting installations. It offers flexibility and durability for custom lighting setups.

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3-Foot High-Output RGBW Connector with Silicone Jacket
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The 3-Foot High-Output RGBW Connector with Silicone Jacket is a vital component in the series of advanced LED lighting accessories. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of RGBW LED lighting systems, providing a robust and flexible connection solution.

Key Features and Benefits

This connector is notable for its 5-conductor (RGBW 5C) wire design, allowing for the transmission of multiple signals necessary for RGBW lighting. The open ends on both sides offer versatility for custom wiring configurations. The silicone rubber jacket provides excellent insulation and protection against environmental factors, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its 3-foot length offers ample flexibility for various installation requirements.


The ULR-OT-HO-RGBW-CONN-3F-WR model features a 3-foot length, ideal for a range of RGBW LED lighting applications. The high-quality silicone jacket ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear. The wire is designed to handle high-output LED systems, making it suitable for both residential and commercial lighting projects.

Common Uses

This RGBW connector is perfect for a variety of applications, particularly in custom LED lighting projects where color mixing and multiple signal transmissions are required. It is ideal for architectural lighting, stage design, and any setting where RGBW lighting is used to create dynamic and colorful environments.

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