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6-Inch High-Output LED Ribbon Connector with Female Socket

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6-Inch LED Ribbon Connector is designed for seamless integration with LED drivers. Features one side ribbon connection and one side female socket. Essential for custom LED lighting installations, ensuring reliable, efficient connections.

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6-Inch High-Output LED Ribbon Connector with Female Socket
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The 6-Inch High-Output LED Ribbon Connector with Female Socket is a crucial part of a series designed for flexible and efficient LED lighting installations. This connector is specifically engineered to provide a secure and easy connection between LED ribbons and drivers, enhancing the functionality and reliability of LED lighting systems.

Key Features and Benefits

This connector offers a unique combination of a ribbon connector on one side and a female socket on the other, facilitating easy and versatile connections. Its 6-inch length provides sufficient flexibility for various installation needs. The high-output design ensures it can handle the demands of more powerful LED systems. The connector is built with durability in mind, ensuring a long-lasting and stable connection for continuous operation.


The ULR-IP54-HO-CONN-6I-WR model features a 6-inch length, ideal for connecting LED ribbons to drivers in a range of setups. It is designed for high-output LED systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of LED lighting products. The connector's construction is focused on providing a secure and efficient electrical connection.

Common Uses

This LED ribbon connector is versatile and can be used in various LED lighting installations, including custom lighting designs, under-cabinet lighting, and accent lighting in both residential and commercial settings. Its ease of use and reliability make it a preferred choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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