Line Voltage Wall Switch & 0-10V Dimmer

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Line Voltage Wall Switch & 0-10V Dimmer
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The SENSORWORX line voltage wall switch & 0-10 volt dimmer provides a stylish solution for spaces where manual dimming control is required. Designed with contractors in mind, the unit is significantly shallower than typical dimmers, resulting in less crowded wall boxes. Additionally, versatile wiring enables usage with or without a neutral connection. For dimming adjustment, intuitive raise and lower buttons are present in addition to the on/off button. Five vertically stacked LEDs are provided to indicate the current dimming level. Configurable dimming parameters include High/Low Trims, Turn on Levels, and Curve Types. This dimmer also matches the SENSORWORX family of wall switch occupancy sensors and 0-10V dimming wall switch sensors.



  • Accommodates Neutral (3-Wire) and No-Neutral (2-Wire) Installation
  • Electronically Timed Switching Ensures Long Relay Life
  • Works both Standalone and with 3-Way Switches
  • Meets NEC 404.2(c) & 404.22 Guidelines Regarding Powering Over Ground & Current Leakage


  • Enclosure is 25-40% Shallower than Other Dimmers (< 1” Depth into Wallbox)
  • Self-Grounding Mounting Strap
  • Modern Look and Intuitive Easy-Tap Buttons for On/Off, Raise, & Lower
  • Settings are Adjustable Without Removing Cover Plate


  • 5 LED Dimming Level Indication
  • Configurable Dimming Parameters including High/Low Trims, Turn on Levels, and Curve Types
  • Blue Locator LED when Lights are Off


  • Operating Voltage: 120-277 VAC SINGLE PHASE, 50/60 Hz
  • Load Ratings: MAX: 800W @ 120VAC|1200W @ 277VAC, MIN: None
  • Load Types: LED Driver/Lamps CFL, Electronic/Magnetic Ballasts (Fluorescent), Tungsten (Incandescent)
  • Dimming Compatibility: 0-10 VDC ballasts or drivers compliant with IEC 60929 Annex E.2
  • Dimming Load: 50 mA maximum (sink only)
  • Operating Temp: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Relative Humidity: 0-95% Non-Condensing, Indoor Use Only
  • Mounting: Single Gang Switch Box
Weight 7.00 LBS


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