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SCE Series T Linking Bracket

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The SCE Series T Linking Bracket is designed for the seamless integration of SCE Series lighting fixtures. This bracket is crafted for straightforward installation and flexibility in various lighting configurations.

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SCE Series T Linking Bracket
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Welcome to the SCE Series T Linking Bracket, a key component in our range of lighting accessories. This bracket is specifically designed to provide a seamless and efficient connection between SCE Series lighting fixtures, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of any lighting arrangement.

Key Features and Benefits

This linking bracket is celebrated for its durable construction and ease of use, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free installation process. It is engineered to integrate seamlessly with SCE Series lighting fixtures, offering a cohesive and efficient lighting setup. The bracket's design emphasizes simplicity and compatibility, making it an ideal choice for various lighting applications.


  • Compatibility: Specially designed for SCE Series lighting fixtures
  • Installation: User-friendly linking mechanism for effortless setup
  • Material: Robust construction for long-term durability

Common Uses

The SCE Series T Linking Bracket is perfect for a wide range of applications. It is particularly useful in commercial environments such as retail spaces, offices, and exhibition areas, as well as in residential settings where a unified lighting design is crucial.

Weight 1.00 LBS


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