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Westgate Manufacturing Remote Control For WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor

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Relight introduces the WEC-2RC-33, a Remote Control designed by Westgate Manufacturing for the WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor series. This convenient accessory enhances control and customization of your motion sensor lighting.

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Westgate Manufacturing Remote Control For WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor
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Simplify and enhance the control of your WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor with the WEC-2RC-33 Remote Control by Westgate Manufacturing. This accessory is designed to provide users with convenient and efficient control over their motion sensor lighting, allowing for seamless customization to meet specific lighting needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Effortless Control: The WEC-2RC-33 allows users to effortlessly control and customize the settings of the WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor, providing a user-friendly interface for enhanced functionality.
  • Convenient Remote Operation: With the remote control capability, users can adjust motion sensor settings, lighting duration, and sensitivity from a distance, offering convenience and flexibility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The remote control features an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and adjust settings without the need for complex programming.
  • Enhanced Energy Savings: By fine-tuning motion sensor settings with the WEC-2RC-33, users can optimize lighting control, resulting in increased energy savings and reduced electricity costs.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with the WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance.


  • Manufacturer: Westgate Manufacturing
  • Compatibility: WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor
  • Control: Remote Control

Common Uses:

The WEC-2RC-33 Remote Control is ideal for various applications, including commercial spaces, parking lots, and outdoor areas equipped with the WEC-2MDR-33 Motion Sensor. It provides users with convenient control and customization options, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of motion sensor lighting systems.

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