3Ft. COB IP65 Ribbon-to-Ribbon Coupling

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3Ft. COB IP65 Ribbon-to-Ribbon Coupling

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Quick Overview

The ULR-OT-HO-COB-COUP-3F-WR is a 3ft ribbon-to-ribbon coupling designed for COB IP65 systems, creating IP20 ends. This coupling offers a secure and efficient way to extend or connect COB LED strips in various installations.

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The COB IP65 Ribbon-to-Ribbon Coupling, model ULR-OT-HO-COB-COUP-3F-WR, is an essential accessory for extending or connecting COB LED strips. This coupling is part of a series that focuses on providing seamless and reliable connections in lighting systems, ensuring consistent illumination and design flexibility.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Extension: Allows for the easy extension or connection of COB LED strips, enhancing the reach and flexibility of lighting designs.
  • Length Advantage: The 3ft length provides ample distance for various installation needs, offering versatility in setup.
  • IP65 to IP20 Transition: Designed to maintain the integrity of COB IP65 systems while creating IP20 ends, suitable for indoor applications.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials to ensure a stable and lasting connection in various environments.
  • Easy Installation: Features a user-friendly design for quick and hassle-free setup, requiring no specialized tools.


  • Length: 3 feet
  • Compatibility: Designed for COB IP65 systems transitioning to IP20 ends
  • Application: Ideal for both residential and commercial lighting installations

Common Uses

This ribbon-to-ribbon coupling is commonly used in lighting projects that require the extension or connection of COB LED strips, such as in architectural lighting, display cases, under-cabinet lighting, and more. It's particularly useful in scenarios where additional length and flexibility are needed.

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