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Split Microwave Sensor for Bluetooth Mesh

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The WEC-2MDBTH-36 Split Microwave Sensor is designed for indoor Bluetooth mesh networks, offering advanced motion detection and Bluetooth app readiness for smart lighting solutions.

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Split Microwave Sensor for Bluetooth Mesh
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Introducing the WEC-2MDBTH-36 Split Microwave Sensor, a state-of-the-art component in our smart lighting accessory line. This sensor is specifically designed for indoor environments, integrating seamlessly with Bluetooth mesh networks to provide responsive and intelligent lighting control.

Key Features and Benefits

The WEC-2MDBTH-36 offers advanced motion detection, utilizing microwave technology to accurately sense movement and adjust lighting accordingly. This enhances energy efficiency and user comfort. Its compatibility with Bluetooth mesh networks allows for easy integration and scalability within your lighting system. The sensor is also Bluetooth app-ready, enabling convenient setup, customization, and control directly from your smartphone. Its discreet design ensures it can be placed unobtrusively in any indoor setting.


  • Technology: Microwave motion detection for superior accuracy
  • Network Compatibility: Designed for Bluetooth mesh networks
  • App Integration: Bluetooth app-ready for easy control and customization
  • Installation: Simple and flexible for various indoor environments
  • Energy Efficiency: Helps reduce unnecessary lighting usage

Common Uses

The WEC-2MDBTH-36 is ideal for offices, retail spaces, schools, and any indoor area where smart, responsive lighting is desired. It's particularly beneficial in spaces where occupancy varies, ensuring lights are used only when needed, thereby saving energy and reducing costs.

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