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Magnitude Lighting has been transforming LED lighting with advanced LED drivers since 2008. Thanks to their technology that yield the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, their LED drivers have become the go-to product of the leading Lighting OEMs in the industry. Located in Orange County, Magnitude has manufacturing facilities and customer support facilities all over North America to ensure their customers receive their products as fast as possible. 

Between their research and development teams and manufacturing, Magnitude continues to manufacture the highest quality dimmable LED lighting products tested from start to finish. Thanks to their world-class manufacturing, every Magnitude product is readily available at high quality. Magnitude plans on transforming the industry by overcoming every obstacle and pioneering new paths for innovative lighting solutions. This passion is why their LED drivers are found in hundreds of thousands of installations, driving millions of LED’s throughout the world, and why Magnitude is chosen by their partners to be the heart of their lighting systems.  

Magnitude’s magnetic 24VDC LED drivers are the most compact LED drivers on the market with a magnetic transformer core. They contain two auto-reset breakers, one on the input and one on the output, which protects both the load and the driver. These easy-to-install drivers are encased in a coated metal box that includes two knock-outs, one on each side. They come in wattage selections of 60W, 100W, 150W, 200W, or 300W. Also, they are dimmable and operate at 120V. With these drivers, you can take control of your lighting so you can bring out features of your space that you wouldn’t be able to see without the drivers. 

Since the start, the Magnitude staff has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and best customer support. Magnitude will take on any challenge for its customers and continue to provide the most innovative and efficient technology in the industry.

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