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10-Foot Flexible LED Ribbon Extension Connector

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10-Foot LED Ribbon Connector featuring a ribbon connector on one side and an open end on the other. Designed for extensive, customizable LED lighting installations, ideal for high-output systems.

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10-Foot Flexible LED Ribbon Extension Connector
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The 10-Foot LED Ribbon Connector with Open End is an essential component in a series of LED lighting accessories, designed to offer extended reach and customization in LED lighting setups. This connector is particularly useful for high-output LED systems, providing a flexible solution for large-scale lighting projects.

Key Features and Benefits

This connector features a unique design with a ribbon connector on one end and an open end on the other, allowing for custom wiring and configurations over a considerable distance. The 10-foot length offers extensive flexibility for various installation requirements, making it ideal for projects where standard connectors are insufficient. It is built for durability and reliability, ensuring a stable connection that withstands regular use. This connector is an easy-to-use solution for both professional and DIY lighting projects, allowing for greater customization and flexibility in lighting design.


The ULR-OT-HO-CONN-10F-PT model is designed with a 10-foot length, making it suitable for a variety of LED lighting applications. It supports high-output LED systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of LED lighting products. The construction focuses on providing a secure and efficient electrical connection.

Common Uses

This LED ribbon connector is versatile and can be used in various LED lighting installations, including custom lighting designs, under-cabinet lighting, and accent lighting in both residential and commercial settings. Its extended length and open-end design make it a preferred choice for custom and complex lighting installations.

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