1Ft. SCXR Section PC Louver Kit without Lens

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1Ft. SCXR Section PC Louver Kit without Lens

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The SCXR-LK-1FT-GRILL is a 1ft section PC louver kit designed to enhance lighting quality and control. It's an integral part of the SCXR series, perfect for creating a more directed and pleasant light environment.

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Welcome to the SCXR-LK-1FT-GRILL, a meticulously designed 1ft section PC louver kit that forms part of the esteemed SCXR series. This kit is engineered to improve lighting direction and quality, making it a valuable addition to any lighting setup.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Light Control: The louver design effectively directs light, reducing glare and improving overall visual comfort.
  • Easy Integration: Specifically crafted to fit seamlessly with the SCXR series, ensuring a hassle-free installation.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality polycarbonate, the louver is built to last and withstand various conditions.
  • Efficient Lighting: By directing light where it's needed most, it enhances the efficacy of your lighting system.
  • Customizable: The 1ft sections allow for precise customization to fit the specific needs of your space.


  • Length: 1ft section
  • Material: High-quality polycarbonate
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with the SCXR series
  • Installation: User-friendly and straightforward

Common Uses:

The SCXR-LK-1FT-GRILL is ideal for commercial, educational, and industrial environments where controlled lighting is crucial. It's perfect for offices, classrooms, workshops, and any area where reducing glare and enhancing light quality can make a significant difference.

Weight 1.00 LBS


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