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50 Watt LED Architectural Round-Back Flood Light, 0-10V Dimming 120-277V

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50 Watt LED Architectural Round-Back Flood Light from the LF4 series compatible with 0-10V dimming and functions across 120-277V, ensuring optimal lighting solutions. Available in 3000K and 5000K color temperatures.

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50 Watt LED Architectural Round-Back Flood Light, 0-10V Dimming 120-277V
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Introducing the LF4 series by Westgate Manufacturing, showcasing the 50 Watt LED Architectural Round-Back Flood Light. This luminaire is a flagship product known for its powerful performance, versatility, and distinctive architectural design. Available in both 3000K (warm white) and 5000K (cool white) color temperatures, this flood light is designed to meet the diverse lighting needs of your space with superior efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful Illumination: The LF4-50W flood light delivers potent brightness with a 50 Watt power consumption, ensuring optimal visibility in outdoor spaces.
  • Color Temperature Options: Choose between 3000K (warm white) and 5000K (cool white) to create the desired ambiance for your surroundings.
  • Dimming Capabilities: Benefit from 0-10V dimming compatibility, allowing you to customize the light intensity according to your preferences and needs.
  • Wide Voltage Range: With an operating range of 120-277V, this flood light is suitable for various voltage environments, providing flexibility in installation.
  • Durable Construction: The round-back design adds a touch of architectural elegance, while the sturdy build ensures longevity and reliability in diverse conditions.
  • Certifications: This flood light is certified for [certifications], meeting industry standards for quality and safety.


  • Manufacturer: Westgate Manufacturing
  • Series: LF4-50W-30K-D-KN (3000K) / LF4-50W-50K-D-KN (5000K)
  • Power: 50 Watts
  • Color Temperature: 3000K (Warm White) / 5000K (Cool White)
  • Dimming: 0-10V
  • Voltage: 120-277V

Common Uses:

The LF4-50W Architectural Round-Back Flood Light is ideal for a myriad of outdoor applications, including illuminating building facades, landscapes, and architectural features. Suitable for both commercial and residential settings, this flood light provides a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Weight 6.00 LBS


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