600W Max 0-10V Microwave Sensor with Dip Switch, White

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600W Max 0-10V Microwave Sensor with Dip Switch, White

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The WEC-2MDRH-35 is a high-performance 600W Max, 0-10V Microwave Sensor, designed for precise motion detection and energy-efficient lighting control. It operates on a 120-277V range and featuring dip switch controls.

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Introducing the WEC-2MDRH-35, a 600W Max 0-10V Microwave Sensor, a pivotal component in our advanced lighting control solutions. This sensor, with its microwave detection technology, is engineered for superior motion sensing, enhancing both energy efficiency and convenience in lighting systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 600W maximum capacity, suitable for handling substantial lighting loads.
  • 0-10V dimming capability, allowing for flexible lighting adjustments.
  • Microwave motion detection technology for high precision and responsiveness.
  • 120-277V operating voltage, ensuring broad compatibility with various lighting setups.
  • Dip switch control for easy customization of detection settings.
  • White color, blending seamlessly with most ceiling and wall designs.
  • Contributes to significant energy savings by automating lighting based on occupancy.


  • Power Capacity: 600W, ideal for extensive lighting systems.
  • Voltage Range: 120-277V, compatible with a wide range of electrical setups.
  • Control: 0-10V dimming with user-friendly dip switch adjustments.
  • Color: Sleek white design for an unobtrusive appearance.

Common Uses

The WEC-2MDRH-35 is perfect for commercial spaces like office buildings, retail stores, and educational facilities, as well as residential applications. It's especially effective in areas where efficient, automated lighting control is crucial for energy conservation and operational convenience.

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