Wrap Around Lights

Wrap Around Lights

Many commercial facilities are lit with traditional wrap around lights. These commercial ceiling lights feature a prismatic acrylic lens that "wraps around" the lamps and distributes the light evenly in all directions. Perfect for offices, classrooms or other spaces that should be efficiently illuminated.

Many of our wrap around lights come with the ability to add a reflector of your choice to better control illumination levels and increase the efficiency of the fixture.

A wrap around light is often used in areas that require strong sources of illumination, such as office spaces, storage areas, and hallways. These fixtures are inexpensive and often used in more utilitarian spaces where good illumination levels are needed. 

Wrap light fixtures are available with various light sources such as LED, T5, T8, or T5HO, and come in a number of different lengths to fit your particular application. LED wrap around lights have quickly become the standard for specifiers and design/build professionals.  These fixtures provide significant energy savings and are typically less expensive than the older fluorescent technology.

If you don't know how many you'll need to light your space, or which size will fit your applications, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to provide a free lighting layout!

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