8-Foot x 4.25"W Ballast Cover Retrofit Kit with X1 LED T8 Lamps Included

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8-Foot x 4.25W Ballast Cover Retrofit Kit
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8-foot x 4.25"W ballast cover retrofit kit with X1 LED T8 lamps included, 2x18W or 4x18W, 4200 or 8400 lumens, available in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperature (CCT), 50,000 hours working life, 5 year warranty.

This X1LED retrofit kit is ideal replacement for any 4.25 or 5 inch two light strip to save 40% of energy. Kit includes new ballast cover, unshunted sockets and LED T8 lamps to provide a long life and easily changeable T8 LED lamps. Ballast retrofit kit, 48 in. long, converts an existing strip to carry standard lamps. Material is die-formed 22 gauge steel, with high reflectance baked white enamel finish. TEK screws are provided to attach retrofit ballast cover to an existing channel. The X1LED retrofit kit utilize efficient LED T8 lamps that provide high lumen output with efficient energy savings. Since they don’t require any ballast or driver the only component that will ever need changing is the LED T8 lamp. The lamps are warranted for five years. Unlike retrofit kits that utilize LED arrays and drivers these fixtures have the flexibility to change wattage, lumens, and color temperature simply by changing the lamps without the need to call a licensed electrician.


  • (1) 48 in. Ballast cover with lamp holder cut outs
  • (1) Ballast mounting plate
  • Short Lamp Holders (style & quantity as specified)
  • (8) #8 x 3/8” TEX mounting screws

The most economical, practical and user friendly series of LED fixtures with the energy savings, quality of light, long life and hassle-free maintenance. X1 LED fixtures are UL Listed with the latest LED T8 Bypass lamps. Fixtures provide over 44% energy savings over comparable fluorescent fixtures utilizing less expensive fixtures than the fluorescent version (no ballast required) and have flexibility to change wattage and color temperature any time. Fixture performance will evolve over time with the evolution of the T8 LED lamp technology. Concerned about maintenance with an LED array and driver fixture, X1 LED solves that by utilizing a self contained LED lamp that fits into fixture just like a fluorescent lamp.

Our T8 LED lamps are available in 2 or 4 ft sizes in different wattage, lumens and color temperature options. See lamp options and specs at www.texasfluorescents.com/X1LEDLamps. 50,000 Hour Life with 5 Year Warranty Beam Angle 140 Degree Aluminum Base and Aluminum Housing with Glass Cover Operating Temperature: - 20C to 50C Color Temperature: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K G13 Pins (Same as Fluorescent Linear T8 Bipin) AC100 – 277V without Ballast Single Ended or Double Ended Power (If not specified use X1 Single Ended Power)

The 4 FT lamps are available with a dimming option. Specially designed dimming lamps require an external driver that runs 2 or 3 lamps. So more than 3 lamps require multiple external drivers. See dimming options and specs at www.texasfluorescents.com/ X1LEDdimming.

The standard X1 LED Lamps require an inverter or an All-in-one emergency kit that includes LED array, battery and driver. Dimmable T8 LED with external driver works with standard LED EM it. See emergency options and specs at www.texasfluorescents.com/ X1LEDemergency.

Weight 35.00 LBS
Light Source T8 LED
Fixture Size 8' Linear
Driver Type AC100 “ 277V without Ballast"
Lumen Output 4200 or 8400
L70 Expected Life (hours) 50,000 hrs
Total Input Watts 36


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